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I have learned over the years that the quality of physicians is as variable as the quality of any other profession, and getting a bad one can make for a really bad day (or lifetime). Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, has become my “go to” place for all of my problems outside of the usual problems that I trust my local Internal Medicine guy for. As it has become harder and harder to get in to see my local doctor, I have thought (and am still mulling over) about just doing all my medical needs at Mayo. After all, if it takes 6 months to get an appointment to see my regular Doctor, I can get an appointment at Mayo quicker, so why do I still go to my local Doctor? A good question…

Anyway, with my calf muscle MIA, I called Mayo Clinic’s Orthopedics Department number (which I unfortunately have on speed dial) and got, surprisingly, an appointment for the next week. On my arrival, I was seen by PA-C DeGrote, who on inspecting the x-rays and doing a physical exam was pretty convinced that I had a rupture in the Achilles tendon.

I displayed a Positive Thompson’s on the right, and had no discernible motion of the Achilles tendon with movement on the right. DeGrote recommended an immediate consult with one of the Orthopedic Surgeons, and it turned out Dr. Turner was available for consultation later that week. This is one of the great things about Mayo, that problems can move forward at a fast clip, as opposed to coming back over and over for additional testing. An MRI was scheduled and I saw Dr Turner a day after. We talked a bit about what had happened, and he showed me the MRI, which distinctly showed the separation of the Achilles tendon and the scar tissue between the ends.

He said that where I was at was as good as it would get without surgery, although an external brace might help me walking a bit. I told him I didn’t get the knee replacement to be a couch potato, and how quickly could we do this? A surgical date 4 weeks away was picked, and with some idea of what I would be looking at after, I started working on plans for the post surgical world.

Mayo Clinic

One of the great things about coming to Mayo is not worrying about your Doctor. I have always checked my Doctors out, and they have always been leaders in their field. There is no worry about getting someone who is perhaps unfamiliar with your condition or new to this particular surgery. Dr Turner, like all of my Doctors at Mayo was simply the spin of the roulette wheel, and as always at Mayo, I got a superbly qualified Surgeon. I cannot recommend Mayo enough to anyone, and many of my friends now come here as well.

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